What Inspires Me

I set out for a short walk in the blogosphere today, and after a few turns, I landed here.  The challenge seemed doable and fun, so here goes —

What I wrote in the poem is not entirely untrue– I love trying to be at one with myself by being myself and trying to be genuine and honest in all that I do (I think when you try to be honest, you learn to listen to yourself).  However, I would be lying if I said that that was my sole (or even most prominent) source of inspiration.  I have been surrounded by those who have inspired me all my life, and with their grace, I have been able to at least try to listen to my heart.  That vision of understanding myself, that inspires me everyday though.

What Inspires Me?

What inspires me you ask?
I would have to answer you unabashedly,
for it is none other than I,
that inspires
my hope, my expression,
and my dreams
I have heard,
that I am the universe,
and a fragment
of the unfragmented whole.
I marvel
at my own thoughts,
and love to listen,
to what I think,
for I believe the world talks to me
when I listen
to myself,
and I love the lessons
I learn from myself,


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